Experience the world in high definition with Premium Laser Eye Surgery in Blackrock, South Dublin

  • Located in the prestigious Blackrock Clinic in South Dublin with plenty of on-site parking available.
  • Unlike other Laser Eye clinics, our surgeon, Professor William Power, will be with you all the way from consultation to the surgery itself.
  • Professor William Power is a specialist Laser Eye surgeon and is one of Ireland most trusted and qualified Ophthalmic surgeons.
Prof. William Power - Laser eye Surgery - Blackrock Clinic

Photo-Refractive Keratectomy

In PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratectomy) the centre of the surface of the cornea is re-shaped using the excimer laser by removing microscopic amounts of tissue. In PRK the outer layer of corneal cells are removed. These cells (known as the epithelial layer) repair themselves by growing back over the cornea within a few days. PRK offers an excellent alternative to LASIK for certain patients.


LASIK can be performed on patients with low, moderate and higher prescriptions. Here at Blackrock Clinic we use the very latest generation of the Intralase Femotsecond laser on all LASIK patients to create a micro thin flap in the cornea.  The flap is lifted back and the underlying surface is reshaped with the VISX excimer laser. As LASIK results in less surface disturbance there is less discomfort than with PRK/LASEK as well as a speedier recovery. Worldwide, this is the safest and most precise technique available.


LASEK is a further refinement of PRK. In LASEK the surface cells are not removed (as in PRK)  but are instead gently moved to the edge of the cornea.  After the laser has reshaped the exposed corneal surface, the cells are moved back into place.  


Kate Gleeson Testimonial - Billy Power Ophthalmologist - Laser eye Surgery - Blackrock Clinic

I had the Kamra and Laser surgery procedure done earlier this year with Mr Power. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, going from numerous glasses (Designer and throw away) in every corner of my house, to no glasses and perfect sight! The aftercare was excellent and I felt at all times I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Mr Power and his team if you are looking for the best in eye surgery.


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