I cannot recommend Dr. William Power’s laser eye surgery highly enough. Having recently had my check up I can now attest to having better than 20/20 vision and with no side effects. The results were instantaneous, the recovery was quite short and simple and I was back to work and playing sports very soon after the surgery. I am recommending this to all people willing to list.

Multi-Focal Lens Replacement – Talk about a life changer! The difference this operation has made to myself, my work and my family is unbelievable. Totally worthwhile and incredible results. The operation was simple and there was no pain at all – I was back at work the following morning – a little sensitive to strong lights for a few weeks, but both eyes & 8 weeks later – all is good…Thanks to William Power and his Team.

Brilliant experience from start to finish. He’s incredibly professional and very good with nervous souls like myself! I have astigmatism and a big prescription and I’m now down to seeing better than I ever did! Don’t hesitate, just go get it done!

Thank you to all the staff from start to finish for making this so comfortable and wonderful..

I had considered LASIK eye surgery for a while, but was concerned about the potential for complications given my own career in surgery. Looking back, I can say it was best decision I’ve made in a long time. The entire process could not have been smoother. The consultation process was comprehensive, informative and reassuring. The procedure was fast and painless. I was back at work with no lingering discomfort within 48 hours, and I now have 20/20 vision. Delighted.

William Power and his team were outstanding from start to finish. I am so pleased with the results of my laser eye surgery. Throughout the procedure Dr Power kept communicating with me and reassuring me as I was a little nervous. It was all over so quickly and I am delighted to ditch the reading glasses. I would highly recommend a visit to William Power Laser Eye Surgery Dublin.

I had laser eye surgery in June with Professor Power and it has been life changing. After wearing contact lenses and glasses for 15 years it is amazing to wake up and not have to reach for my glasses or worry about contact lenses becoming dry. Professor Power and staff were exceptional and made me feel completely at ease. The procedure itself was over before I knew it and recovery wasn’t as bad as I expected at all. Would highly recommend Professor Power and his team.

I put off laser surgery for years but from the moment I made an appointment, I was made feel very comfortable and assured that a marked improvement would be made. The procedure was very quick and recovery took only hours. Prof Power worked wonders with my weak eye and my other is now 20/20. Don’t put it off – go for it, to be glasses free, its worth it!

Highly recommend William Power. Having debated laser surgery, booked it, cancelled it, booked it and once I went and did it, I have never been happier. The team are brilliant, so reassuring. The procedure is so fast and recovery too.

Had a consultation for laser eye surgery. Very very thorough examination from both himself and his optometrist colleague, he took the time to explain adaquately why I wasn’t suitable, the details of my prescription and recommended alternatives. Very personable and professional individual.

I got lasik eye surgery completed in September 2020 under the care of Professor William Power and I cannot thank him enough. The best decision I have ever made, life without contact lenses has been amazing. Everything about the procedure was explained thoroughly and the whole team were very reassuring. I would highly recommend attending for a consultation if it was something you ever considered.

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